Equestrian Kung Fu


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Equestrian Kung Fu is Automatic Jack's first fully Pony album, and indeed, his first album at all (aside from the Ill-Fated "Hammerspace Records" sampler which never saw the light of day, and remains a collectors item).


released January 17, 2012

All sampling, vocals, programming, mixing, and mastering by Automatic Jack .

Special thanks go to:
MLPTF2 for the sample-friendly vocal tracks.
UKF for the Album Art Concept.
Glaze for the remix rights on Pinkie's Lie.



all rights reserved


ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK Portland, Oregon

A staunch believer in "music as art", Automatic Jack operates within' his own set of rules, creating hybrids and twisted takes on popular genres such as Dubstep and House. Maintaining a fine line between professional standards and blatant rule-breaking, Automatic Jack is out to change the face of music... one blasting snare hit at a time. ... more

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Track Name: Only For You, Dash
Only For You, Dash...
Track Name: Blip Bloop Wub Wub Ponies (SWAG)
When I get that music itch, there is only one cure,
head up to the studio, time to work the music gear,
kick the sub, hit the amp, drop the bass into my ear,
get the software runnin' hot, get the ASIO in gear,
jack the microphone and find the tone that suits the track best,
let the beast inside of me unleash a torrent of distress,
for my next event I'm bringin' somethin' special for my Bronies...
everything I love at once!! Blip Bloop Wub Wub Ponies!! (SWAG)

Everytime a season ends...
every time Hasbro defends it's trademark and it's brand...
there is talk in the community of the death of the fandom,
but the fandom only dies if we let it end...

There are thing I don't agree with and some shit I don't like,
like the fact that Hasbro thinks they have to ruin our lives,
whether profit, power, public image, personal/impartial,
the idea they carry isn't very powerful at all,
we are not the kind of people who will simply go away,
we don't answer to the whims of anyone or anything,
there's no stoppin' who we are and what we represent is bigger,
we Bronies through and through and though the owner pulls the trigger,
I'll stay the course and carry on no matter what they figured,
I'll make the things I love the most 'cause I got mad vigor,
I got somethin you'll never have!!
Blip Bloop Wub Wub Ponies (SWAG),

Never once have I regretted watching My Little Pony,
and I've never felt regret I let myself become a Brony,
I would do it all again, and if you should get to know me,
you'll find out that I really like:
Blip Bloop Wub Wub Ponies (SWAG)